So, PB2.5 is coming.

It may flourish, it may not.

But either way we should get more involved in the pb2 forums.

It could save us, it may not. But we need to get out there.

That is like the world’s center, where everything happens, people trade art, videos, pictures. Memories.

I’m not saying we should bombard every inhabited spec, hell no. But we need to be more than just this, when the next PB comes out.

And as the usual the other news of right now, I already proceeded to make something for the forums under the ”clan” section if you want to check it out.

I also started cleaning up the ”Join page” here as it was very outdated and in need of a supervisor. I got to it now, but not all of it I don’t think.

Hopefully some will respond.

Be it negative or positive replies. I just need a response so I can clean up.

I also edited the Discord link page. Since that was, indeed, outdated.

Don’t hate me for the extras on that page though.