Good morning. I don’t know how many of you still check the website for activity, nor do I know how many of you still check to see if Delta Force is alive. Whoever you are, if you are reading this, I thank you.

Now onto the main topic. It has come to my attention that Delta Force is really being overlooked. We used to be big, and even though we may have not been the best clan there was, we were good. Now here we are, standing dormant in a community which most believe to be dead. The older generations have moved on, and thus I take it upon myself to bring the name of Delta Force back to the era upon which it started as.

With a newer generation here, they know nothing about the GSA-EKAT war, they know nothing about MMC, and they know nothing about Delta Force. Let’s change that, shall we?

The clan will be undergoing some major reformations. If some of you are in our Discord chat, and have been active you may know that Delta Force was the founding clan of a new alliance ring called The Legion. We’ve already established a good relationship with over 11 clans, and have been seeking aid from others as well. We will need to make this place active once more in order to provide a good example to the other Legion clans.

We will now have a new recruitment process. The IRL Delta Force mainly recruits from other Special Forces units, such as the Green Berets and the Rangers. Thus, in game we will be looking for specific individuals who qualify for our Green Beret program (If found in Approved) or our Ranger program (If found in Custom). From these two programs we will select the few people who we deem worthy enough to be in Delta Force. Quality over quantity.

As the year goes on, more reformations will occur. We hope you understand. And for the older generation, I salute you for your loyalty.

Fragging and bagging,



Voice of hope

Well….. looks like this place has became a historical site now.

This clan was once a great empire that ruled over its dominant time , encountered several fractions that defied us but we came out victorious 53 times , that doesn’t mean Delta Force has to stay resting in peace as we all know many have begged and want to see a DF revival but DF isn’t dead people it is just sleeping in peace like wise during the past 6-7 months; the current DF isn’t lasting up good enough the home which was inhabit 2 years and 5-6 months ago is gone .

The pieces that remain left are permanently damaged as we know for now , even though i one of the original Delta Force member from 3rd generation may not have experienced what the 1st-2nd generation did i’m sure it was a blast as for the 4th-6th I am deeply sorry you guys weren’t able to see how great of a home , family this clan was during these times , possibly the clan held up until 5th and fell apart in the 6th generation which is likely within the current 6-7 months we’re in right now.

We were the shining stars , biggest empire , dominant fraction but here we are now a crumbled and struggling force that is no more than just a dream of reality now. The ones that led the clan day in and day out are to be honored for what they’ve done , I was once an acting Co leader but least not also a council member back then i was 4th seating. Had a blast with the likes of Juan the red , Weapons Master , Elsword  and many more.

Giving up is not the answer but due to the environment , landscape of Delta Force currently it looks like nothing can be done , but you’re wrong yet again! Many can be done to save this clan’s legacy , glory and honor from this entirely fading and blowing away like dust. To those who have served DF within and before its fall i would like to thank you on behalf of every other member who was apart of this fraction before.

I am utterly sure the old members and the new ones back then would wish to see this fraction grow up again , seeing this clan like this in the dust and discarded hurts my heart , the passion that grows within me for this clan never died out  even if i had a few issues with past members and so on forth . It must , It will and It will happen DF revival 2017#FTW

With that being said : We must reunite , We must Rebuild the once great and dominant fraction known as Delta Force , We will redesign the image and shape of this clan and WE WILL SURE DAMN HELL RECLAIM OUR CROWN AS THE MOST DOMINANT FRACTION.

Signing off Truth~ Remember our theme “Not gonna die”

“If you want peace , prepare for war”

Killer Elite : i agree with truth , we need to bring back DF’s spirit and feud with clans and take back our place as the largest and  unstoppable  Force or decide to be peaceful.

Matthew : i agree -_- even if we lost some of our greatest members and most powerful we still have a chance to come together and form a clan again.



So apparently we’ve all seen old PB players coming back from the dead and they are welcoming them to their main clans. BE CAREFUL, with that shit, jus cus that person came back doesn’t mean it is actually that person.


And if it is legit that person, make them send an application.

They could have gotten less reliable and rusty.

Yea, they may see it as bullshit. Then fuck ’em. Fuck what they think.

This shit’s too cliché.




So, PB2.5 is coming.

It may flourish, it may not.

But either way we should get more involved in the pb2 forums.

It could save us, it may not. But we need to get out there.

That is like the world’s center, where everything happens, people trade art, videos, pictures. Memories.

I’m not saying we should bombard every inhabited spec, hell no. But we need to be more than just this, when the next PB comes out.

And as the usual the other news of right now, I already proceeded to make something for the forums under the ”clan” section if you want to check it out.

I also started cleaning up the ”Join page” here as it was very outdated and in need of a supervisor. I got to it now, but not all of it I don’t think.

Hopefully some will respond.

Be it negative or positive replies. I just need a response so I can clean up.

I also edited the Discord link page. Since that was, indeed, outdated.

Don’t hate me for the extras on that page though.